Saturday, October 16, 2010

All Aboard

This morning my neighbor Debbie and her son Wes invited us to join them at the G.R. Brown Convention center for the Train Expo. I wasn't sure if Jackson would be old enough to enjoy it, but it sounded really neat, so we decided to go. Wow, I am so glad we went as Jackson enjoyed himself SO MUCH! He really was interested in watching the model trains and was pointing at lots of train cars as they zoomed by on the tracks.

I got a little emotional as I watched Jack stand and watch the trains pass by. My grandfather who is no longer here was a train fanatic! He had train sets going through his hobby room and in his spare time you could find him tinkering with train parts. If only I would have known to keep all those trains, so sad ...but I know that LuLu was with us today watching over his great grandson with excitement in his heart.

Check out all the fun!

 Isn't this train outfit so cute?! I had it in his closet and we had never worn it! 
I knew I purchased it for a reason :)
 All abord, tickets purchased, GO TRAIN GO! (as Wes kept saying in the car)
 What handsome little guys we have!
 Trains, Trains, Trains! 
The boys were really good at standing behind this rope and watching the trains pass by.


 Lucky for us the Train Expo realized there would be quite a few kids, so they had an area just for them...

 After the toddler area we went to explore a little more and check out the model trains 

But before we could go Wes spotted a booth that had a gazillion Thomas the Train toys...oh brilliant Train Expo! I thought we might get out of there without having to purchase something. However even though Jack doesn't have many words yet he has that sweet finger, so you guessed it those trains came home with us.
 $28 bucks for trains? Oh yes they know Mommies will pay anything when your kid is yelling "Duck, Hank, Gordon" ... I obviously have some learning to do, as I knew none of the names of these trains. Even better... there are 128 of these expensive little things! Yikes :)

 What a fun impromptu morning we had at the Train Expo with our friends!



Roger and Nicky said...

PRECIOUS !!! What a neat train expo. Giovanni still plays with all his Thomas stuff. Juliana even loves them. It is worth the investment :)

Carl&JulieFamilySite said...

That expo is so cool!! And Jack's wearing the perfect outfit! PERFECT. How could the day have been any better?? Jack is so cute in his Thomas hat!!