Thursday, January 28, 2010

Home Sweet Home

I came home tonight from California. I had a great time with my co workers and my girlfriend Kristin but I sure did miss my family! Once I landed I couldn't get home soon enough! I literally got my stuff out of the car and ran for the door! I washed my hands and then rushed to hold my baby! Wow even though I was only gone for 4 days, I swear he has grown a few inches, he is so tall! I wasn't sure if he knew who I was at first, he was looking at Gran and then looking at me. Finally he started to touch my face and nestle his head against my chest. It was the sweetest thing ever, he really is just the most precious baby!
We are so thankful for Nelvi and Gran for helping Kevin hold the fort down while I was gone. It's so nice to have the strong support system that we are blessed with. I was enjoying my time Jack tonight, so the camera never came out for pictures. So yep... it's another sleeping picture, but I love them. I can't keep my eyes off him tonight, I've gone in to check on him so many times.
Thanks Kev for being Mr. Mom, you did a great job!

Here is Jack with his butt in the air, he was doing this before I left, so I guess this is his new favorite sleeping position. Per my mom this is how I used to sleep too, with my knees tucked and butt in air. So cute!


Becca said...

I am so jealous of all your sweet sleeping pictures of Jackson! Oh and that outfit was from Old Navy but we got it back on Black Friday, so I am not sure if they still have it or not!

Carl&JulieFamilySite said...

Four days without your baby?! I don't know how you did it, Jess! Glad you had a blast in Nor Cal! Good to hear your southern drawl!