Sunday, January 24, 2010


Really? 7 months ?? Woah slow down there little boy!
We took his pictures a day early since I have to go out of town next week. Isn't he getting so big?!?

Check out those long legs!! He is in the 97% percentile for height now!

What he is doing:
  • 7 oz of formula every three hours (the boy won't break away to 8 oz every 4, he wants to drink his baba!
  • 9 am eats his breakfast - which is one jar of fruit
  • 10: 30 am goes down for a nap (usually an hour)
  • 2: 30 pm goes down for his 2nd nap (usually 1.5 hours)
  • 6 pm has his dinner - which is one jar of veggies
  • Drinks water out of a sippie cup
  • 7 pm goes night night. He is still sleeping from 7pm to 7 am - such a good sleeper!
  • Has two teeth
  • Loves to eat mumums or gerber veggie sticks
  • Went to two birthday parties!
  • Trying to crawl, he tripods and then lifts his legs under his butt! SO CUTE!
  • Still not sitting up for long periods of time, he doesn't like to do it! That's ok! :)
  • Got sick for the first time but got better within a few days, and never was that cranky!
  • Laughs at Buckley and Chico all the time
  • Loves for Kevin to read to him, laughs all the time
  • Everything goes into his mouth, so we really have to watch him ALL the time
  • Still fits in his swing but a few more pounds I think he will be done
  • He will watch a few minutes of Yo Gabba Gabba, but then he gets bored
  • Plays by himself for up to 30 minutes!
  • Will touch your nose if you touch it too, we are tying to teach him where HIS nose is
  • Started Gymoboree once a week with Nelvi
  • Loves to watch other kids play
  • Pushes the buttons on all his toys, he knows what they do and so he wants to hear the music he will push the button
  • bangs his feet on everything he can, especially his crib!!
  • Babbles often but still no mamamam or dadadada
  • Blows bubbles

I'm sure there is more that we are forgetting, but he is sure a busy boy! Once he figures out those legs he be giving us some exercise! One thing that always holds true each month...he is just the sweetest thing ever! We love you Jack!


Becca said...

Hahaha I love the last one! This is how our photo sessions end each month as well!

Jane said...

HE HAS TWO TEETH??? What a big boy!! Hutch is still toothless, but that doesn't stop him from eating everything we eat. Can't believe our boys are growing up so fast :(. Happy 7 months Jack!!!!!

Carl&JulieFamilySite said...

I can't believe he's getting so big so fast! Yes, be careful of things he can reach to put into his mouth! We had guests stay over once and they had accidently dropped some medicine on the floor. Well, we didn't know until I saw that Christian was crawling around with something in his mouth, so I opened his mouth and freaked out when I saw that he had a huge pill in his mouth! I'm so glad I caught it in time and he didn't swallow it! Vacuum, vacuum, vacuum!