Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Perfect Saturday Night

Our Saturday nights have changed since we had Jack, but we wouldn't have it any other way!
He brings us so much laughter and is just the cutest little fellow!

We started out with some green beans for dinner. yummmmm

Then it was on to chasing Chico around by rolling around and scooting to him (he is REALLY close to crawling)!!
He was fascinated with Chico wagging his tail

Chico is so good with Jack... he lets him pretty much do what he wants. As you can see Buck is nowhere to be found, Buck is protective of Jack but he doesn't really hang around to let Jack pull on his tail..ha haAfter his play date with Chico it was time for bath! This is such a cute picture but he is such a stinker! This is exactly what he does now when we change his diaper! Turns around to his belly and wont let us do it! Its a challenge to say the least!

He has so many bath toys and loves them all! He spends so much time trying to decide which one he wants to play with. Check out blue ducky...Buckley got a hold of him! Poor duck!
Once he decides which one he wants goes straight to the mouth!
I can't get enough of the hooded animal towels!
These next three pictures are my favorite from the night! So cute!

Ready for bed and one last time to touch something.
Sweet dreams on a sweet Saturday night!


Susan @ sarasays said...

So cute! I absolutely love that age.
Couldn't help but mention if you ever need MORE smocked clothing or monogrammed for Jackson my online store is pretty reasonable at all times.

Carl&JulieFamilySite said...

What a good doggie Chico is! Love the baby butt pic! It's one for the wedding slideshow! :)