Monday, September 7, 2009

Grandpa King visits Jack

Grandpa King flew in from Florida to meet Jackson. He couldn't take his eyes off of Jack and loved on him all weekend! It was so special to see my Dad with his first grand baby, and we couldn't have been more proud to share this sweet little boy with him. We admit we are pretty boring these days as there isn't much to do with a two month old, I warned my Dad of this, but he was a great sport and said no problem, all I'm here to do is spend time with y'all!
Here are a few pics from his visit.
We were all really tired on Friday, as my Dad had to get up early to catch his flight and I had to wake up early to go get him. So we all decided to take a nap while Jack was taking his. Grandpa was already taking a nap when Chico joined him, it woke him up and he soon realized Chico wasn't going to move so they just went to sleep.... haha so funny
When we finally woke up we decided to take the short ride over to the Rajun Cajun to eat some dinner and this started the eating trend.... making the rounds over the weekend to a few of our favorite places to eat! I think we all will be working out a little more this week....

The next morning Jack slept until 7 am! What a great sleep for us all! We took Grandpa over to Empire Cafe for a morning brunch full of wonderful Migas, fresh fruit and squeezed OJ! Once again Jack fell right asleep amongst all the noise, he just loves people talking and the wind blowing on him. My boys were matching in the seersucker and boat cute :)

My Dad brought with him a truck load of clothes that Jacks Great Grandmother sent down for him. They are all so cute, and will be great for next summer!

For Dinner I knew we had to get my Dad some Tex-Mex, when he comes that's a must do on the list. We don't have Baby A's in Houston so the next best thing is Chuys! Yummmm... I think we had about 3 baskets of chips....oh dear!! You just can't go wrong with anything on the menu!
Oh and the margaritas are always a hit with us!

Grandpa didn't want to put Jackson down, I don't blame him!!!

Finally the wonderful visit had to come to an end....Jack was asleep as usual in his swing but Grandpa made sure to give him a kiss and off we went to the airport. We love you and hope you enjoyed your time in Tejas with Jack and the crew!


Carl&JulieFamilySite said...


Cute, cute new blog elements, too! :)

Jane C. said...

cute! i love your new blog backgroud!! did u have someone do it? so precious!

Roger and Nicky said...

Aww how precious !! Your daddy looked like he had a fabulous time. I bet he won't be able to stay away. I forsee more frequent visits :)

Jane C. said...

OK, I have changed my blog, but can't figure out how to insert the signature! Need some help sista!

Averill said...

Sounds like y'all hit up all my favorite restaurants! Jack is getting SO cute. Can't wait to visit again!