Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Our amazing little boy got his 2 month shots today. I think Mommy cried more than he did, he was SO good! He of course cried when they poked him 3 times, BUT as soon as it was over he stopped crying. We gave him a little sugar water on his pacifier and he was just fine. At 2 months 2 weeks Jack is 22 5/8 in long and 11 lbs 5 oz! The Dr asked us how he was sleeping through the night and wanted to talk about techniques, so when we told her he is already sleeping through the night, she was amazed and said "lucky you"! What a perfect little boy we have! Here are some pics of his snoopy boo boo band-aides.
We are so proud of you Jack for being such a big boy today!
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Jane said...

Awww!!! Those shots are so mean!

Carl&JulieFamilySite said...

Ohhh! Yes, I cried when Christian got his shots! It just heartbreaking to see them cry like that when they are so small and helpless! Plus, the nurse was a biotch!