Monday, August 10, 2009

Its Official...we have real smiles!

Over the weekend I was using the blue squeeze thing (not sure what its called?) to try and get some of the extra fluid in Jacks mouth out (from his reflux). When I did it I touched the top of his lip with it and he started smiling. So I thought hmm I wonder if that was a gas smile or was that the real deal. So I tried to touch my finger in the same spot and he smiled again. Over the entire weekend I kept doing it and telling him to smile for me and on queue he smiled!!! Daddy and I are so thrilled to see the real smiles, he is such a little blessing! I even think this morning he smiled when I woke him up!!! How cute! He also is getting a voice, instead of the normal baby coooos he is making different high pitch sounds that you can tell are him playing with this new found voice! It is so exciting to see him finding out these little things, we can not wait for him to continue this adventure!

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Averill said...

He's so adorable -- and looking more and more like his dad every day!

We need to get together again once I get past this moving craziness. I need a Jackson fix!

KSJ in Houston said...

Ok I want to see your house!!! Just let us know! I LOVEEEEEEEEEE it on your blog! The blue is SO pretty!!

Carl&JulieFamilySite said...