Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tootin in the tub!!

So last night (though I will spare you the actual pictures of his fun) we gave Jack is routine night time bath....which he loves! He found his thumb and started sucking (how cute!) and was being his usual adorable self, smiling here and there and just enjoying his bath...and then he had a surprise for us. He all of a sudden started peeing! I usually cover him with a warm washcloth but the minute I had taken it away there was a stream of pee going right for me!! I was laughing and trying to take cover while diverting the stream when he then let out a toot! The bubbles in the water and all...totally funny AND THEN he pooped in his bath!! After I almost had him clean! So we had to empty the water clean the tub and re do bath time....ha ha! I think he just wanted another bath since he enjoys the massage he gets. I love our bird towel that Aunt Stacy got us, we have so many fun animal towels!! We then put him in some comfy pjs (thanks Christina they are sooooo cute on him) and got him ready for bed. I gave him a bottle at 9 pm and the stinker didn't go down until 11 pm, however at least he slept until 3 am.
He is getting so big and we are enjoying each day even if he pees, toots and poops in his bath! :)

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Maple said...

Adorable!!! He is absolutely precious!

Carl&JulieFamilySite said...

Good times!