Monday, August 10, 2009

We can sing .....

We can finally sing the nursery rhymes to Jack correctly now...thanks to our friends Danielle and Noah!
Danielle works with Kevin at B&G, and is such a sweet friend. Noah and Danielle helped host our wonderful Houston baby shower!
They came over to meet Mr. Jack and brought with them a nursery rhyme book, to which Kevin and I desperately needed! Often times at night when we are singing Jackson to sleep we know the hymn part of the song but the words...well we are less than knowledgeable about. Even though our parents belted out these glorious tunes to us, we have since obviously forgotten the words. If you were a fly on the wall at the Strehlow house at night you might fall over with laughter. My personal favorite song is the "Mommas gonna buy you a _____ (fill in the blank). I often just look around the room and insert what I'm going to buy Jackson, which has included "Mommas gonna buy you a laptop cord, watter bottle, pill slicer, umbrella" etc etc you get the hint. Whatever is in my sight is what momma is going to buy Jackson in the song, since I don't know the real words :) But NOW we have the book so Jack I fully expect you to hold Mom and Dad to the real deal from now on! Thanks again Danielle and Noah! Hope you had fun at the wine event for your parents 30th wedding anniversary! Cheers to us all being there one day :)

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Roger and Nicky said...

I could not stop laughing at your imprompt to lullaby. I love it !! We received a book full of the original mother goose stories. Um yeah so we are sticking to the updated stories.