Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Sleepover with Elliott

Jacks best friend moves out of the country next month for a short 6 months. We will miss him but glad he will be back soon! So we had a farewell sleepover which included a play date with our favorite Badeaux boys.
Once we got home around 9:30 pm we got the boys in the bath and then read two books and it was lights out around 10 pm. Kevin and I were shocked, there was not a single peep from the boys tent. They went right to sleep and woke up around 8 am. Such perfect worn out angels. They play so well together and it makes having twins seem not so bad. :) 

Given this is Jacks baby book I want to remember the things that I haven't done so well at documenting. He loves Monopoly, actually he loves to play any board game and it isnt just reserved to toddler games, while he loves those too, sometimes his favorites are adult games. Cracks us up! Jack when you roll the dice you can add them up quicker than Mommy. You are so fast at addition and you know most of the basic addition tables under 10. You are getting the concept of adding money, you know how to make $150 by giving us $100 bill and a $50 bill, and you know that if you give us a $500 you need change. We are still working on how to make change, but you are 4.5 years old, I think its ok if you don't for a while :)

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