Wednesday, January 8, 2014

River Oaks Christmas lights

We have started a tradition that each year we go with Jacks friend Wes to look at all the amazing Christmas lights in River Oaks. This year we had a special treat just as we were leaving to go home. See our pictures and the fun we had below.

The boys were being a little crazy so I didn't get the best shot of them by the house we always visit on DelMonte but thank gosh there is a free photographer on hand each year! 

Pics from professional photographer were really cute!

On our way home I was talking to Devbie and asked her if she had ever seen the grinch car. Occasionally during the holidays I had seen it in River Oaks riding around. She replied No. Just then as we were almost home the grinch car went driving by us!! omg!!!! Lucky for us they turned down a street, we followed, and they were so kind to stop and let our boys get in!!! Jack said "that was awesome" as I took him out. What a fun night!!

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