Friday, January 17, 2014

Christmas Part 1

 Jack woke up out of bed, and like the control camera happy Mother that I am, I told him the night before that when he wakes up to yell from his room for us saying "Mommy, Daddy its Christmas Day!!" And you know what that sweet boy said, exactly those words and we rushed out of bed, with the camera in hand and the magic of Christmas was before us! 

 Jack ran into the den and went straight for the cookies, he noticed that Santa didn't eat them all so he decided to take a few bites! ha

 He sat down and read the note all by himself that Santa left for him.
 We was over the moon that Santa got it right, and whew we were too! There was quite a bit of anxiety on Christmas Eve for us as parents...and it goes something like this.
Jack only asked for two things from Santa. One was a "Cars 2 Pack" and the other was "an ipad that will allow me to play Plants VS Zombies 2".
So Kevin and I for weeks tried to find out by asking more questions on what exactly a Cars 2 Pack was, and we never could quite understand or find it on the Internet. So while at the Disney store I found the semi truck that had the Cars charterers in it. This is as best we could do and we prayed that we got it right. That was my duty to find and I hoped I had done well.
So then it was Kevin's turn to find a device that he could play Plants VS Zombies 2 on. We already had an ipad, albeit 1st generation (reason that PVZ2 couldn't play on there) so we thought maybe a Kindle would be something new and fun. Kevin looked online to make sure that PVZ2 could be downloaded and found that info on a gamer website saying yes. So we ordered the Kindle and it was set to arrive Christmas Eve. Calling it a little close, yes, but that isn't where this story ends...
So after waiting ALL day for the Kindle to arrive it finally did! Thankful and happy, we put Jack to bed and then started setting up Santa gifts. Kevin and I talked for a minute and decided it would be cooler, if we opened the Kindle and downloaded PVZ2 so that on Christmas morning it was ready to go. Long story short we soon realized PVZ2 was NOT on Kindle and at this time its only on ipad. This was 8:30 pm on Christmas Eve. We both panicked, we cried a tear and put in a plan. Operation speed to Target was underway. Except the one close to us was sold out?!?! What?! I started thinking while Kevin frantically was driving from Target to Target with 30 mins to spare, as they closed at 9 pm. I called Kevin's mom and asked if we could borrow her ipad mini that could play PVZ2 in case Kevin wasn't able to locate an ipad. So his sweet mother met Kevin (b/c we couldn't find one) half way and dropped off the ipad. Whew, while it wasn't exactly the plan we wanted for Santa, it was just going to have to do, after all it was late and we were mentally exhausted. Poor Kevin was so upset at himself, and to his credit there were so many bad leads on the Internet. I reminded him over and over what an amazing Dad he was and this wasn't a big whoop, lets just go to bed. I fell asleep and about 2 am I was woken to Kevin saying "OMG I got it, I found a loop hole and have worked all night to get PVZ2 loaded on our own ipad." We were both jumping around like teenage girls squealing with excitement. We crafted a letter from Santa that said he had fixed Jacks ipad to play PVZ2!
Jack read the letter in the morning and was so excited to play PVZ2 on his own ipad, except the darn thing crashed! We had tested it and tested it at 2 am and it was working just fine, but then Christmas morning it failed. But you know what?!? Jack didn't even care, there was no melt down or any of the sorts. We both had been so stressed, had Kevin and his mom running around Christmas Even over this silly game and Jack was over the moon about his Cars 2 Pack (Yay we got that right!!) that it didn't even bother him!?! So many lessons learned that night, but the things we do for our kids!! Sheesh!

On to Christmas!!
 It was such a blast listening to Jacks commentary as he opened each gift, 
he was so excited and so were we!

 Our son always keeps us laughing, as he was opening one of the wrapped items from Santa (Monsters University DVD) he looked at it and then told us "Santa shops at Target too." We looked at him with confusion and he pointed to this sticker and said "see, Target". LOL only our son would notice that!! We couldn't stop laughing!! ha ha ha ha

 Playing with his Cars 2 Pack, which Im certain now he must have just made this word up, so I was glad to make up the toy along with him :)
 After opening some gifts he went over to the fireplace to look up the chimney, we asked him what he was doing and he said he was looking where Santa comes in at. Such a stinker and ALWAYS thinking!

 Once all his gifts from Santa and Mommy/Daddy were opened we took a break for breakfast in the den and this morning he was greeted with lots of new friends.

 While the boys started the fun of putting all the toys together, I started for Christmas Part 2 with Mimi, Nanie, Gran/Grandpa Strehlow and Uncle Joe and Aunt Stacy. We wish there was a Christmas Part 2 with my Dad, but we are planning that for next year! xoxo


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