Friday, January 17, 2014

Christmas Eve

 Christmas Eve we went to church with our good friends and old neighbors The Kozar Family. We loved the service at First Baptist and I think one of my favorite pictures from the entire Christmas holiday was on this day at church. 

As we were singing silent night, and the entire church was lit by candle light I looked and saw my sleeping angel in his Dads lap. I cant think of a more perfect picture for silent night than this. Love love love love
After church we went over to the Kozar house and had breakfast for dinner, which was fantastic! The boys ran around after dinner for a little while and then we gave our Christmas wishes and hugs and said goodbye as we all had cookies and milk to lay out!

 We had homemade cookies from our sweet family in Wisconsin who sent them to Jack, and then we had a darling gingerbread cookie from the Kozars. All of which we put out to share with Santa Claus.

 This smile cracks me up, this is his "cheese" face...
And  with that cheese we were off to bed, Jackson was beside himself that Santa would be coming, this year was certainly the BEST yet! It was so fun to talk about Baby Jesus (which by the way he says as Baby Jejus) and good ol Saint Nick! He slept all through the night without a peep and the next morning......

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