Monday, March 18, 2013

Christmas 2012

Its been a while but I finally have some time to sit down and recharge on my blog posts. So I won't go back to far, which so much fun coming up we will start fresh....but I couldn't leave out Christmas! So backing up to when we living in the rental house and had a great morning full of Christmas cheer and presents. 
 (If you need a refresh on how we bounced around a few times until figuring out where we REALLY wanted to live, go here House Story)

Santas helpers were quite busy putting all the toys together. Santa crafted a sweet letter, ate a few bites of cookies and then was on his way to deliver to all our other good little friends.
Santa, Mom and Dad did not disappoint. There was lots of fun to be had that morning! Here are a few pictures of the wrapping paper filled room and a little boy with lots of smiles.

 Everett was our Elf on the Shelf

 Jack wanted to check out how Santa got in :) Such a curious little boy!

Once we spent a few hours playing with all our new toys, we all got dressed and ready to go over to Aunt Stacy and Uncle Joes house for Christmas lunch. Once everyone got there we opened another round of presents and then just hung around and enjoyed family time!

 Looking forward to seeing these sweet boys open gifts together next year! Cousin love :) ...and a little girl will soon be coming to our family, since Aunt Stacy is pregnant again! So exciting!!


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Momma Wilson said...

so glad to see posts on the blog again, miss you girl!