Thursday, October 4, 2012

New dentist

When we moved I thought we would just keep everything the way it was to our medical professionals, because we loved them all. I had to recently cancel Jacks dentist apt down near our old house because it was right during traffic time. So I decided we would keep our pediatrician because we love her so much and she has been so involved with Jacks care...but that our dentist could go ahead and change. Being that we had only been to the dentist twice we decided to make our 3rd visit for Jack down here at our new place. We pick C&C and they were great that I booked appointments for Kevin and I too! Jack was so comfortable and the hygienist was awesome. She explained everything to Jack and he was the best little patient! Once again we got a perfect check up and we got to dig in the treasure chest after. My two favorite things growing up at the dentist were the sucker hose thing they put in your mouth and the treasure chest after. My boy looks like he has the same favorites too :) Great job Jack! And those glasses... Ha!

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