Friday, October 12, 2012

Jacks Crew

 Last weekend we saw Jackson's favorite people! First we started out with his cousin Ethan who came all the way to us (or Grans house) where we had a great cookout of bbq and swimming. Jack for the first time was interested in Ethan and actually wanted to hold him (he asked himself!) Look how cute Ethan is, he is such a little chunk and he has the cutest little dimple you ever did see! These boys are going to have so much fun growing up together and I already love the little bond they have formed. I already have stuffed planned for them years in advance just like we knew Aunt Jess would!

After having dinner at Grans (hello yummy lasagna!) we packed up and headed into town to meet with Jacks friend Elliot. His mother owns The Good Space yoga and pilates studio off Woodway and they were celebrating their 10 year anniversary of being open. Its such a beautiful and huge space, the kids had a blast running all over chasing each other and giggling when they got caught sticking their fingers in the cake (ha ha). Their little friendship is so darn cute and seeing how they get so excited to see each other makes Melody (his mom) and I want to keep this friendship going. We got home just around 10 pm and Jack was worn out, he just fell into bed with one little request before bed..... "I get to see Wes tommorrow".

His wish was granted and his best friend from Ingersoll was at his door in the morning to play with all his toys and have a little lunch together. We miss this family so much, I knew we had it good having such wonderful neighbors, but when you move away it does really make it so hard not seeing them every week! They were (and still are) such great friends and it was so nice to be able to go over after work to have the boys let off a little steam before bed. Since we are in a transition neighborhood they invited us back over to Ingersoll for Halloween and we are super excited to go trick or treat back in our old neighborhood! When the afternoon was up and Wes was leaving he got in his car and his Mom emailed me a few minutes later to say that Wes looked at her and said "I really miss Jackson". We miss you too Wes and we look forward to so many play dates together. I know Debbie and I will remain great friends and these boys will grow up just with a little stretch of highway in between them.
Lord help us when they have cars to make the drive themselves :)

When Jack is happy, we are happy. And this past weekend he was smiling ear to ear!


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