Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Welcome to Miami

A few weeks ago we were packed and ready to go.... go on vacation with sun, sand and drinks in hand. However a tropical storm turn hurricane had other plans and decided to take route to our vacation destination. We were faced with either attempting to get to Miami knowing that our flight would most likely be canceled and if by chance we were able to get there we would then be faced with rain the entire time.
So we made the wise decision to push it back a week and what a good choice it was! The weather was perfect and we really had such an amazing time together with our family and then with Mommy/Daddy time and no kiddo. As you can guess I took a million pictures so Ill let them speak and add commentary here and there. The one thing I have to say is THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to my awesome father and his wife Edith. Jackson is one lucky little boy to have so many amazing sets of grandparents. Taking our little wild boy for a week and letting us have time to relax was heavenly!! (while I did miss him every single day and talked about it often) I know he wore my Dad and Edith out but they had equal amounts of fun as we did and it was so great to be able to end our vacation all together. I'm very much looking forward to going back and I know Jack is too, after all he has been chatty chatty about them both this past week! 

 The best kid on an airplane award does go to Jackson! But we also are so thankful for the iPad!!
 We arrived to Papas house and settled in just perfect! Jack took to the guest bedroom where they had a little bed set up for him (how perfect!!) and he made Papa get in the big bed next to it. He then decided to jump up on the bed and snuggle right up to him. The sweetest thing I ever did see :)

 Toys were out and ready to go for Jack as soon as he walked in the door! Now thats service (and Edith smart thinking!)

 after just a short day at my Dads we left Jack in good hands and took off for Miami for the week!

 the most amazing balcony I have ever had!

 While we were off playing so was Jack! Papa and Edith took him to Aquatica along with her nephew. Jack loved having a little friend to pal around with and I heard those boys closed the park down! So fun!

Back in Miami we were eating, drinking and eating.. 
oh dear how I need no more food for weeks after this trip!

 Winner winner chicken dinner...except after several rounds I wasn't able to buy no chicken dinner! booo

in south beach the drinks are huge and expensive!

 beautiful coastal homes on our duck tour that we took!

 and we did a little shopping around Miami style...
 Food again...

 late night in the lobby we would play cards of my fav things to do on our trip!

 We spent time at the Biltmore and it was the most beautiful resort!

 Kevin golfed three times on our trip! Spa time for me during then was a win win!

 We took a drive down to the Everglades and did an air boat tour. The water was like glass, the pictures have no edits to them. I cant believe how amazing they came out and it was at times hard to tell the sky from water! Alligators were coming up to us and freaking me out a little but it was an amazing experience!

 After alligator ally we went way down to Key Largo and got on a chartered boat that holds 40 people but lucky for us there were 5!

 amazing shallow reefs right in the middle of the ocean, crazy cool!

After our awesome day on the water we took to the Keys and had a beautiful sunset dinner!

 We went all over Fl and had a blast together, waking up in the morning to this view was the best, and waking up when we wanted and doing what we wanted was a joy...but we certainly missed one sweet little voice...
 We couldnt hardly wait for Friday to come around so that we could see our baby!

 and my family :)

 Jack was thrilled to check out the hotel and ran around like he owed the place :)

 The water was soooo clear! Jack was right at home with all the little fish!
 But we loved the pool too!
 There were a few levels of pools at the resort, one cool feature was that circle you see, if you went to the pool below you could actually see the people below in the pool. Pretty neat!

 There is Daddy down in the lower level pool testing it out for us! :)

 We had lots of fun on the beach! We took our Christmas card pictures and we got a keeper!!
So you will have to wait until Dec to see the one we love the most :) 
We did try to get Papa few keeper pictures of his own... and our little toot was all over the place...

 but we finally got this one and it couldn't be cuter! I love my Dad so much and I love that he loves his grandson just as much! Papa we love you and miss you already!!
Oh how we miss Florida weather too.... 
 We promise to run back soon!



Jane said...

Looks like the most wonderful trip!!

Anonymous said...

Brianna, Lynne and I went to Miami on spring break a few years ago. Getting there due to a snow storm was ??? but our time there was great! We also did an airboat ride and saw the gators and then we went all the way down the Keys and stayed in Key West for a day. Loved the chickens running wild around that city! Glad you had fun and looks like Jackson did too!

Maple said...

What a great trip! Please tell me Kevin got those glasses with the chanel chain. Also, I love your monogrammed Columbia shirt! Where did you get it? I need one for Port A!

Lili said...

what a fabulous time~!