Sunday, September 16, 2012

Hello there

We haven't been blogging to much around here. We returned from vacation and got unpacked and took it easy around the house last week :) Yesterday we finalized the structural parts of our house (floor plan changes etc). We are so excited to have that done! Today we drove out to meet up with our friends Liz and Henry to confirm a few interior selections that I wanted to see in person at another Highland model home while the Dads golfed. We love The George Family and only wish they lived closer! After we played around a little, we had lunch and then hit up the model homes... and yes our kids were "the wild ones" running amok in the model...but we had fun and ruffled a little feathers with the sales consultant. ha!
I just have to laugh because I for sure was one of those people that got annoyed when kids were not exactly acting like perfect little angles (pre baby)....
but then I had a kid and realized toddlers don't exactly listen to you all the time, so I apologize to all those moms I used to give those not so nice looks to, I understand now:) 
And memo to the sales lady at the model home...We did purchase one of these sparkly homes from your said company, so I think my kid can touch the fake books if he wants, ok? After all  we are not dealing with precious memoirs here. If you put it back as found, all shall be good in my book.
Obviously we were not on the same page ... ha

On to the pictures!

This is not our house plan but the Highland homes in the Woodlands are so pretty!
beams are in our plan and I just love them!

Isn't this light amazing? Not something we are doing but I do love it!
Pending this isn't discontinued, I believe this will be in our shower
Do you think this thing cooks on its own? I hope so! I'm excited to talk to her and find out, ha   
(Not a fan of the cabinets/tile/granite, we are doing something entirely different but the stove is ours)
I'm excited for cool suburb nights and a glass of wine!
what room do you think the kids loved?
yes I had a feeling, where the biggest screen is :) I know Kevin is excited to watch football up close and I'm excited to feel that much closer to my Real Housewives :)

After our play time at the model homes we headed out to Niko's 2nd birthday party at Great Play of Cypress. We had never been to GP and it was sooo much fun! I might entertain the idea of Jacks 4th birthday party there next year at the one in SL bc he had a blast! 

Interactive fun on the walls was amazing!
Birthday boy and his beautiful mama!
This was one of my favorite things they did. The loud speaker would tell them to hop, roll, jump or walk and then it would ask them to find something on the wall.
Everyone was to find a "star"
"something blue"
lots of running around and even some gymnastics to go with it!
This was really cute, they would go under a tent and he would tell them what to look for and they could only bring that one thing back in their bucket to him.
Here they are looking for the "hands" to bring back to him. They did this until everything was picked up. They were picking up the toys in a fun way and didn't even know they were cleaning up! Love it!
So blessed that Jackson has so many wonderful little pint sized friends!
We had to get up early to get all this done but it was sure fun and this big cutie pie is out for the night! zzzz


Meg O. said...

So when are you inviting me over? Sounds like you've got an amazing house in the works!! :)

Momma Wilson said...

oh my goodness, I cannot wait to see the finished house! It's going to be spectacular!

Lili said...

i excited for your new house!!!!

btw, where is that play area in SL? duh, didnt know about it :(