Monday, June 25, 2012

Happy 3rd Birthday Jackson

 Oh big boy, we love you so much! You never stop talking, you make us laugh constantly with your silly giggles and things you come up with. You have a toy that you got the other day and one of the recordings on it says stop put your hands in the air we have you surrounded. We look over and you have your hands in the air...ha ha and the other day your balloon got away from you and instead of crying you said that the balloon was going to look for rocket ships, ha! But that's not to say we don't have tears, you little mister have major attitude and you get it from your mama, for example when you tell us that "you don't want to hear that" when we tell you something. You keep it real .. when Daddy has made a "tootie", the public will know about it.  You are incredibly sweet, you often ask your friends for their hand and you have grabbed my face to tell me that I'm a "sweetie pie". You love numbers, counting and doing it in Spanish too. Your desire to read and be read to is can't get enough books before nap and bed time.
You laugh and get tickled when you see a Jack in the Box restaurant, because you love to see your name.
We catch you singing often and we laugh when its "I like to move it move it" or "who let the dogs out, roof roof"
Running, oh boy do you ever LOVE to run, we are constantly telling you to slow it down. You have places to see and people to meet!
Eating bread is a hobby for yours, we are certain you could eat your weight in carbs. Sadly we can't say the same for veggies, but at least you love fruit!
Sleeping is muy bueno, you go down without hassle and sleep like a bear in a cave with your black out window treatments.
Potty training is a sad subject around this house, we try, you try but we cant collectively get a routine down yet. That my sweet son will need to change, like, real soon...because your new school requires cute dry bums with no pull ups!

All that above you are the best boy we could have ever dreamed of!

You are a vibrant little love who truly makes this house complete. We have enjoyed these past three years being your # 1 fans, you our sweet boy, will always have a cheering section behind you singing praise and love.

Mommy & Daddy

This year we took the birthday party to Noah's Ark Pool at the Quillan Center. Oh what fun we had! We had two hours for a private party and the entire pool to share with all your pint size buddies. We are so blessed to have so many wonderful friends and family come to celebrate Jack!

(He wanted to get in the pool!)

 Looking adorable in his Tagged by Tiff t shirt and his shorts by Haute Smocks

 We only had 15 minutes to set up so we kept it simple this year with a few beach balls and crafts made by the talented Crepe Confectionery.  Huge thank you to all the grandparents and Gokul for help right before the party in setting up, running to get ice, picking up pizza and filling up the sippers with ice water!

 seven pizzas were consumed!!
 Costco pizza is the best says Mimi!

 Mom let me go play please :)

Your two best friends Wes and Elliot
The Ingersoll boys, we tried to get William but he was running too fast!

So many great friends and family to share in the fun!

Jackson's godparents were in Destin, FL with the twins for the week on vacation. On the way home they dropped by Houston for the party and so glad we got to spend time together!
the twins

Jackson's adorable cousin Sophie!

 We somehow managed to break the kids from the pool....but only because it was their other favorite thing..cake!
Jack took a bite out of his candle thinking it was candy..ha
 oh how I love this hat, I'm not sure how long I can get away with them but I will until he lets me :)
All our friends enjoyed the cupcakes too!
Jack and his friends had a ball at the pool! I'm so glad we booked this and highly recommend it for any toddler birthday!

After we cleaned up just a few of us stayed around to let the kids get a few of the sugar bugs out by running around while we had a drink. It was a hot day but we were super thankful for no rain considering there is tropical storm brewing in the gulf.

 Happy 3rd Birthday Jackson! You are such a ball!



stacy :) said...

Happy birthday, Jackson! It looks like y'all had a fabulous time!! So sorry we missed the party - I promise, next year no call and definitely no preterm contractions!!!

Jane said...

Happy birthday Jack!!!! Can't believe you are 3! Where does the time go?!?! Looks like a FUN birthday party!!! Hope you had fun!

Lili said...

hi sweet boy! happy birthday! so much fun!