Saturday, June 16, 2012

Bye Ingersoll

June 2006, Kevin and I got engaged and made the big move from Austin to Houston. 
Since Kevin was from Houston he insisted that we purchase a house inside the loop to keep us close to his work and to give us easy access to all the city had to offer.

  I was nervous moving to a new city, leaving everything I knew behind in Austin and starting all over. I trusted in my fiance and I was smitten over the house we had just signed our name to. I went with it...after all I had a shiny new ring on my finger to help take any anxiety away that I had :)
  After our wedding in 2007 
 We came back to this little house and continued to enjoy it and make it our home. 
We made numerous house improvements including gutting the master bath which previously a shade of maroon and gray...which wasn't going to fly in this longhorn household!
 We updated the kitchen
and added zen to the house (the fountain). 
 We enjoyed numerous holiday events, just because parties and shower hosting galore. 

 Ingersoll was the perfect place to live, love and laugh....oh and it didn't hurt that it was convenient too :) 
Life was good at Ingersoll but it was missing one thing... a baby!
So in 2009 we had a sweet baby to make it complete.
 (I took the test by myself and surprised Kev after his day at work, he for sure got one amazing promotion that day!)
 Jackson Lane was born June 25, 2009
Decorating the nursery was a highlight...
but bringing home this little bundle of love was the best part!

We spent many nights pacing and rocking sweet boy to sleep in these hallways
Lots of snuggles were had

We learned how to become parents and watched a precious little baby hit all his milestones and grow into a busy toddler. 


 There were lots of "first times" in this house...

 (Jacks first Tx snow!)
 (pre baby - first hurricane, and hopefully last!)
 and we still had lots of parties and celebrations post baby!

We made the best friends at Ingersoll

 Lots of double duty was had in the house..

It's hard to even think of Ingersoll pre baby, but having a baby made us think of the reasons why our own parents raised us outside the hustle and bustle of the city. Bigger houses (that we can afford), exemplary public schools, riding bikes in the street (not having Hwy 59 as your backyard), toy rooms, 5th bedrooms, splash pads, community events.  All are things you can have in the city and love, but it comes with a high price tag and we finally decided to start checking out the burbs.  The area where I once said no way to, I was now in love with and started dreaming of raising a family. So after a year of talking (or more) about the big move to the burbs we put the sign in the yard at Ingersoll.

To our surprise one week later our home was sold above list price. We were thrilled and so happy it sold to a sweet young girl who will carry on the love at Ingersoll... but we then said to ourselves..hmm now what?

We had lots of tears, smiles and laughs, so goodbye Ingersoll, we loved you, we will certainly miss you, but we are excited about the new places we will go.

 May your branches keep growing and blessing the next family on Ingersoll



Jessica said...

Very sweet. Good luck with your new beginning!

Jessica said...

Very sweet. Good luck with your new beginnings!

Lori said...

That house is GORGEOUS! Love all of the decor and the changes. Beautiful! Can't wait to see the new one!

Chelsea said...

Such a great house (and post)! My hubby and I are currently in the process of making the move from inside the loop into the burbs in Sugar Land. We are excited but it's also bittersweet. Good luck with everything in this new chapter of your lives!

Maple said...

I love this post!!! I love y'all's house on Ingersoll and it's so great that another young professional will be making it her own! Hopefully she'll have 1/2 of the wonderful memories/experiences y'all have had there. The house that you're buildling looks beautiful and I can't wait to see it when it's done! We'll miss y'all being so close but know you'll love having more space and being closer to work/family!

Jane said...

Such a beautiful ode to Ingersoll. It is a beautiful home, but you made it that way, and you will make the next one beautiful too! You will love the room to spread out, and I'm sure you will make great friends, as you do everywhere you go! xoxo