Saturday, March 3, 2012

When Daddy is away...

here is all the fun we get ourselves into on a Saturday........

Hailey turned 3 and we celebrated at Pump it Up, which pretty much is a moms ideal birthday party to attend! From 10 am until 12 pm your kid gets to jump, run and slide...
which lends for a wonderful nap when you get home!

 I had to take this picture, because while I say I love this age (which I really do)... this age comes with lots of moments like this! This moment was because he was upset that he couldn't go into the "cake room" as he called it to get a piece of cake.
 We quickly defused that situation and he was off to play ring around the rosie

 Jack spotted the pinata!

 We eventually did make it into the cake room and he got what he wanted :) We then came home took a nice nap and then woke up to head over to Last Concert Cafe. Our friend has a daughter who puts on an event called Rock Out Cancer. Isabelle is the coolest kid I know and so we had to show our support and we always love the fun kids bands that attend!

 He loved these little glasses and kept them on for a good hour! ha
 Isabelle introducing the bands, this one was so cute with three brothers!

 Melts my heart!

 We got to hang out with my friend Pam whom I worked for when I first moved here. She is a breast cancer survivor as well as my grandmother too, so we for sure had two wonderful people to "rock out" for!
 Toms Fun Band!
 Then we got in the car and drove out to Sugarland, to head to what Jack would call the most ideal birthday party...
 You guessed it.. Chuck E. Cheese's!

 We celebrated Dante's birthday and I think the men were having just as much fun as the kiddos!

 When CEC came out to say hi to all the birthday tables, Jack got SO excited and started waving and said "there he is, I see him, there is Chuck E Cheeeeeeezies" lol so cute!

 I think tomorrow we will just hang around the house and relax while we wait for Daddy to get back from his trip!



Jane said...

I haven't taken Hutch to CEC in a long time! I need to do that sometime soon, he would LOVE it!!! BTW, I have your outfit you have on :), JCP? I bought the jeans at the store on Friday (and the teal ones), and I ordered the blue and green shirt online, they didn't have my size in the store. They sold me with their new catalog for March!!! Love all the bright colors!

Kristyn said...

Loving your new hair!

Kristyn said...

Loving your new hair!

Maura said...

i LOVE your outfit!! and love the pics of you guys rocking the aviators. so precious!