Thursday, March 1, 2012

Splashes & Scooters

 Last night we had Wes come over for dinner, bath and story time while his parents did some work entertaining for the evening. We were so glad to have our best friend over and the boys kept busy all night chasing each other around :)

 In case you are wondering why the water is blue...Jack loves these and they get him straight to the tub when we say "what color do you want your water to be tonight"....

Today right before nap (which is my lunch time at work) I heard Nelvi tell Jackson that he needed to get some energy out, so they took his scooter for a ride.
He has been practicing in the garage with the one foot approach and been doing pretty well.
He still gets a little nervous... so we put him in his lighting McQueen gear for the real street.
Helmet, knee pads and light up McQueen shoes!
He melts my heart when I see him in all this big boy stuff! Our little love is getting so big!

 After a few times, he gets tired and wants Nelvi to push him :)


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