Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Isnt everyone a longhorn?

Today was class picture day for Jacks little class and so I decided to put him in smocking... UT smocking of course.

I took a few pictures of him before we left for school, he is such a ham! We got a haircut and so his curls are a little shorter but they are still going strong, I hope they stay with him!
I couldnt decide what pictures were my favorite so why not post them all :) 

Ohhhhhhh yay, its half way to Friday!



Gloria said...

All FANtastic, #4 and #5 are my faves - he was really playing to that camera! Handsome little guy!

mandell said...

he looks like such a little grown up in the second pic! precious!

Momma Wilson said...

so darn cute!!! I so wish Jackson wasn't so stocky, he is officially too big for shortails now:(

Meg O. said...

I can't get over how cute he is!!

Jane said...

what a little ham!!!! he is gorgeous!

Kelly's Avenue said...

He is too cute!!!

Hook Em' Horns
(got some longhorn blood in me)