Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Introducing a new member of team SQUIRT

Ok there are too many cool things that happened not to post about so here we go. Today during lunch at 12 noon to be exact we took Jack to Saint Street Swim. Today is not our normal class day, today was TEST day! We have been in Mommy and Me class for a long time now, I love this swim school, one because its so close to our house and two because the instructors are so loving and patient. He has done very well this past year in our class but I noticed Jack acting up and this usually means he is bored. So I decided to test him to see if he could advance to the next level (squirt). The next level requires them to sit on the steps and stay seated (this is a big deal for a 2 year old), it also requires long under water swims, diving for rings and fully submerged ear floats with no squirms. Basically these are big boy moves that I know he can do but its not something we do every time in his Mommy and Me class. He was testing with one other little girl, and let me tell you in the observation room, I was a little crazy. I was so excited, I kept saying "omg he is amazing, omg look at that, omg he is doing it, omg he nailed it"... I was annoying myself, but I was SO proud of Jackson!! Sadly the little girl he tested with didn't make it to the next level, so I'm glad we waited to test until I really knew he was ready. 
After a full year of swimming with him on Thursdays during my lunch, I'm going to miss our time in the pool together, but he is a growing boy and little squirt fits Jack well!  Congratulations love, we are so proud!


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Lindsay said...

Yay! Congrats Jack! I can't believe he is such a good little swimmer at such a young age. That's awesome!