Sunday, December 11, 2011

Ice Skating

 When Kevin decided to go as in house counsel and leave the big firm life, I knew it would be the best decision for our family. We ran and never looked back.... and boy have we been so much happier! Daddy is home for dinner almost every night and I think he has had to work one weekend in six months. Its just been so wonderful and we are very thankful to have been blessed with this opportunity. When he was leaving the firm I told him that I would miss the fun events but kissing those goodbye was 200% worth it for the time that we get as a family. 
So on Friday when we got a knock at the door with these ice passes couriered to our house....
 I was thrilled! Going in house I realized means that you still use outside counsel and so now Kevin is on the other side as a client. This event was hosted by a firm that rented out the entire ice rink at Discovery Green and all the fixings were free. I admit I felt like a little kid, anything you wanted was free. Kevin and I were both nervous about taking Jack on the ice but this kid has no fear! He was on the ice lickidy split and was doing so good! They had a mini rink for the kids and Jack took one look at the other kids and figured out what to do. He was actually really good and of course insisted that he didn't need our help :) 
We took our try in the big ring for a few turns but Jack preferred the toddler rink which was fine by us! 

 L&W had such a good turn out, but who wouldn't say yes to this invite!? So fun!

If you are asking how we have energy to do all that we did this weekend, I'm not sure! We are so worn out but it was a blast! So with that being said I will be taking a blog break until Christmas :)



Donna said...

What a fun event! Jackson was rocking those Burberry pants :)

Jane said...

Wow, you all packed in a fun filled weekend!! I can't believe Jack did so well on ice skates, that's some hard stuff!