Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Morning

 Jack woke up around 8: 30 am and came in bed to snuggle with us for a few minutes until I reminded him that Santa had come ...
and this is what happened once he ran out..he tested everything!
We did Christmas morning with just the three of us and we sure had a great time! 
We didn't want for much, we might have gone a little overboard...
but this is how we do it, and I'm ok with that :)
And so in pictures here is how Christmas morning unwrapped...

Shout out to Lawren, my amazing bestie who adorned me with Kendra Scott and Mamas sippy cups!

 (yes he kept taking "bounce" breaks between gifts..ha)


 Taking another break for a little breakfast fruit on his new table.
 And that sums up the morning......quite a haul if I say so myself! 
What a good year it has been and we are all so thankful!
Jackson was born on June 25th, so Christmas marked his 2.5 year mark and we couldn't have had a better morning. I'm not sure how we will top this, but we shall look forward to many more 1/2 year marks!



Workman Family said...

looks like a GREAT Christmas morning! Your family is beautiful!

Donna said...

OMG. I just noticed your lululemon loot. Lucky you! LOL!