Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Afternoon

 Well if I thought the morning was over the top... the afternoon was another Strehlow/King event that would provide for hours of unwrapping, laughs, good eats and fun games!
We got cleaned up from the morning...
and you guessed it more bouncing occurred. 
 and Jack was busy playing with his new toys..
 which gave us time to set the table!

 Oh I would have loved a beautiful family picture on Christmas...

 but this is what I had to settle for...because someone was TOO busy with his new toys to take pictures!
 My beautiful grandmother!
 Oh darling Jack we could have had a four generation picture... but nope, you just were not interested!
 because you were busy bouncing! ha
 Grandma & Gpa Strehlow arrived and spoiled us with a bus load! Thank gosh Jack was there to help...
 My grandmother and Mom had a little surprise for us all and dressed up as Mrs. Claus and Santa's so so much fun!

 oh dear, look at all these treasures....but at least we tried to be green as Grandma Strehlow took the bags back so we could recycle them for next year!

 Jack had a hard time in the afternoon, with a missed nap and so many people...he wasn't as attentive as we would have liked, but that's ok, we have many more years to get him used to our Christmas traditions! He did however love this mega phone that Grandma & Grandpa Strehlow picked up.... and funny that we actually needed to use this a few times to get everyone's attention! ha

 Aunt Stacy & Uncle Joe might be the reason for getting my husband into shape! He has been playing XBOX Kinect every night since ...jumping up and down, punching, bowling and balancing on one leg.. he is all over the place with this box!
 Several hours into this fun, we needed a break ... so we moved over to indulge in food!

 We finally did get through all the presents and a big thank you to everyone! 
I just wish we had my Dad and the Wisconsin/Ohio family could have been with us too! Maybe one Christmas :)

Its not a gathering without a go round of the game Loaded Questions... it's such a simple but fun game that everyone can play with ease!
 ...and guess who won? Mommy!
It is so nice to have such great families that blend together so easily! That is truly a Christmas blessing!

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Anonymous said...

Love reading your blogs; I can keep up with my Texas relatives that way! It is only a bit snowy and not all that cold in WI! We're still having highs in the 30's! Would be nice to all be together for a Christmas. We got lucky and Bryan was here for Christmas - now he's back in sunny warm Burbank. Looks like you all got nice things. Enjoy New Years! We're heading to Lynne's cabin- Wish you were here!