Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sunday SUPER Funday

Jack when you are old enough to flip through these blog books I hope you see how much fun we try to have on the weekends! Even if its the same park we have been to over and over again, you always find something new to do or play with. 
We love chasing you around, listening to your laughs, having you make us go through the tunnels that we don't fit in and watching your face so determined to do things on your own! 
You are growing so fast and having so much fun!

You love your shapes and numbers

After the park we took you over for some delicious hummus

....and whats a day without the pool? Except Buckley tried to get in your new pool and put a hole in it. You were not ready to get out so we took the old pool out and you and Buckley took turns getting some water..ha. Hopefully we can patch your other pool this week!
Then it was over to your best friends house just right next door. We went over just to play trains with Wes and ended up taking a bath together, getting dressed and reading books. It was a little pre sleep play date and how darling we thought you were with matching pjs!

If we ever move I'm going to scope out the neighbors because I can't imagine not having something so special like this right next door! We love this little friendship :)


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The George Family said...

we seriously go to that park 5 times a week. We love it and most of the time we are seriously the only ones there!