Saturday, August 6, 2011

cuts & trunks

Jack went in for a haircut this morning to a new place called Snip-Its of Rice Village. I tried taking him last time to my own stylist and while I love her, it just wasn't working for Jack. So we took a shot at this place and it seemed to work out better. I brought the iPad, because I knew that would keep him still. He isn't a fan of the buzz clippers but we are for sure getting better!

 How cute is this....
After the haircut, they take some of Jack's hair and then put in a special member card and out pops a prize :)

Before we left for the cut, I packed up our swim bag, so that we could be ready to hit up the pool first thing in the morning. The temperature has been in the 100's with no sign of relief, the only thing to do is find ways to cool off! Jack had not been to Noah's Ark pool since last year and what a difference a year makes! He LOVED this pool and was going down the slide by himself, climbing the rope ladder and doing his own thing! We still went on the big slide together, and Jack you are soooo cute.. you cover your eyes and peek out as we slide down! Daddy was out golfing this morning, so we can't wait to come back and show him all your new tricks! 
 so enthralled with Noah's Ark and the animals!

 I tried to keep telling Jack that we had to wait our turn for the others to get out of the way...
but we didn't have our listening ears on today, they were full of water :) ha
and off to do it again and again and again and again :) 
 Taking a quick break to get a little pizza from the concession stand in...yum!
ha ha ha ha don't let the hands over the eyes fool you, this little boy had me going down that slide over and over again! soooo funny!

Jack is wiped out and I'm thinking a three hour nap is ahead of us, you played in the water non stop for 2 hours baby boy!


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Jane said...

That looks like a GREAT little water park! LOVE his new do!