Thursday, August 25, 2011

staying organized

 Our September is going to be crazy! Mommy and Daddy both have long week trips for work (at different times). But first up we leave for Disney World and I'm trying to stay on top of the planning without driving myself batty! So I have been filling my new planner with tons of reminders!

Today on the list was going to the Giant $ store off Hwy 59 & Bissonet to get rain ponchos. As much as I don't skimp on vacations I also like to buy things that give me gratification. Purchasing $15 rain ponchos from Disney (there is usually an afternoon rain shower in FL) for 5 people isn't really fun to me. So I read on a blog to go find $1 ponchos that you can just toss after the rain stops. Maybe we will get lucky and have no rain, but I do remember our last trip pre baby to Disney it for sure rained for a little while in the afternoon. Look the model even has her hand on her hip, totally Jessica :)
While I was there I also picked up about $30 worth of random plastic toys. I did this on our last trip to Montana and it was the best plan ever. You take out a new toy every so often and they love it, because its brand new! Totally makes the time go by on a plane ride and keeps them busy! If you loose a toy its not the end of the world and if you get back and they all fall apart the first week (which they do and end up in the trash), no problem, it was only a buck!

Next on the list is to get a walkie/talkie set so that if we want to break up at Disney we can easily find each other! I'm already borrowing our neighbors easy fold up Maclaren stroller and our other neighbors Go Go Travel cart for our car seat. So we lucked out there!

We are soooooo excited and I talk to Jackson every day about going see Grandpa and Mickeys house!!



Momma Wilson said...

So stinking jealous y'all are going to Disney!!!

Meg O. said...

I keep hearing so many good things about these Erin Condren planners - I am holding out...... Have fun in Disney!

cMe said...

I am 99% certain we have a walkie talkie set you can borrow. David & his dad use it for their hiking trips. I'll have him get it out of the attic if you want.

Jane said...

Looks like you all are prepared!!! I wouldn't expect anything less of you, Jess! We are talking about going to Disney the week before Christmas. You can give me pointers with small ones when you get back! xoxo