Sunday, August 14, 2011

Davids Gym-tastic birthday

 Our neighbor friend David had his 3rd birthday party today at Discover Gymnastic Center. Hands down the best time Jack has had a birthday so far because he is finally at the age he can really enjoy himself! He ran, jumped, bounced, climbed and tumbled himself silly! He loved every minute of it and we will for sure be back! They even do Fri/Sat night date night for parents, where you drop them off for open gym (age 3-5) for a few hours. Note to self for that in the future! 

What a great birthday party for our little friend David!

 The boys loved the foam pit!

 Daddy & Mommy took our turns having fun ourselves!

 They have a gym dog that just hangs out, Jack sat for a few minutes and pat the dog, but then went running off. Jack loves dogs, so for him to run off meant he was having soooo much fun!

What? You mean we have to go home? Jack did not want to leave...
 Happy Birthday David! 
You are three and we are so glad to celebrate with the three sweetest boys on our street!



Lea Liz said...

What a fun place for a birthday party!! You look so pretty mama, love your shirt!

cMe said...

I love the seersucker wrapping paper!