Sunday, August 14, 2011

all aboard the Dr. Jack train

 We got up this morning and went to the Herman Park Conservatory to ride the Dr. Jack choo choo train! (really its called that)
Jack was so great for the entire 20 minute train ride, which makes us wonder should we try Disney when we are in Orlando in a few weeks?? It's so expensive to get in the park but I don't want to miss the opportunity for him to enjoy the magic when he is young, but good thing we have a few weeks to think about!

Back to the train...

 See where he keeps his snacks? The perfect pretzel pocket :)

 and whats a ride without a cool gift store at the end ...

 love the tongue...stinker!

 If only it wasn't 105 degrees outside, it would otherwise be a beautiful day! The sky was gorgeous!
  oops I think the person taking the picture didn't realize they were cutting the most important part out..hello little guy down there!


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