Thursday, June 2, 2011

Step on in to summer...

...Summer school that is :)
Jack made the official switch to his new summer session teacher. This is the last session at Bethany before we move to St. Martins, we are sad and so excited at the same time. Mrs. Lucy has made Jack and his summer friends feel so welcome in her classroom. I was a little worried on how he would do with a new class and new teacher, but he has done wonderful. It will make our transition to St. Martins much easier with this move under our belt. Summer school, is still half days (3x week) but its it is much less structured and involves more fun play. On his calendar there is some type of water play each day he is there and there are tons of theme days. Today was pajama day, and tomorrow is bring your bike day. Fun!
Look at this crazy morning hair! I changed him into new pajamas so that he felt like we at least change, I think he was still a little confused that we were going in pj's to school, but once I said lets go, he took off running :)


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