Wednesday, June 1, 2011


 Jack loves the iPad, I mean LOVES it... anytime he spots it he insists that we do the snake puzzle. He is so good at doing Melissa & Doug puzzles that we really needed to move on to more advanced now he is good at doing them electronically and there are so many to choose from!

But what isnt fun is the melt down that ensues after we take the iPad away from Jack. I of couse didn't film that part, I think any parent understands the tantrums that follow taking away a prize possession, so we shall Ill focus on the fun part. Check out this smart little cookie




The George Family said...

Henry has his own iPad and he LOVES it. Seriously, we cannot take it away, and if his sister tries to play with it? full on meltdown. Guess daddy will be buying another iPad this year. Poor guy.

Jane said...

He IS so smart!! Makes me think we need an iPad!!!!