Thursday, June 23, 2011

Poo Poo in the Potty!! Yes this is about Poop, dont read if you are not family. LOL

Our almost two year old (this Sat!!) went for the first time to his potty! I never thought I would get so excited over poop! He has not done #1 in the potty yet, and really I wish he would because that is when the fun music plays (has a sensor). But we are exstatic about #2 happening this afternoon!! Whhooo!
Our Nanny realized that he was going off to a corner to do #2, so she picked him up and took him to his potty. She told him that she was going to leave him alone and be back in a minute and if he could try to go poo poo in his potty. I was in my office working and I heard him banging around in the bathroom, thinking he was playing. Then I heard the sweetest little voice in a question like manner say "NiNi" (what he calls his Nanny). It was as if he was saying ...Nini I'm done please come look. We both ran over and he did it! We got so excited, and though he missed and got most on the potty seat, he really tried and you could tell he was really so proud of himself! I ran to the kitchen to see what treats were in the pantry. I wanted to find a treat he had never seen before so that he knew how special this was, I was in luck and found a little white chocalote melt. I gave it to him and explained  it was for going poo poo in the potty! He smiled and said yummm. This weekend we have to go to the store and pick up a small bag of M&M's I want to keep a jar in the bathroom so that he can see the sweet reward he will get for going to the bathroom in his big boy potty! I'm not sure if this is just a one time thing or if we are on a roll now but its a start and we are so proud of you. Jack you are growing and developing so fast before our eyes!

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Jane said...

Way to go Jack!!!! Hutch goes tee-tee in the potty a lot (everynight before his bath in the big potty), but hasn't gone poo-poo yet. We reward with M&M's too :).