Saturday, June 25, 2011

Happy Birthday : JACKSON is TWO!!

 How is it possible that it’s been 2 years already?
Last night we put our 1 year old to bed and woke up with a 2 year old!

Two years ago we were just figuring out what a parent was, and how to take care of a sweet darling little itsy bitsy 6 pounds baby.

Looking through photographs from the past year brought tears to my eyes thinking about all of the wonderful memories, and seeing how much Jack has grown.

We now have a  insanely cute, creative, loving, smart, and oh so clever little boy!
We love this little guy with all of our hearts and cannot wait to see what he teaches us next!

Since we are having his 2 yr birthday party over 4th July weekend with family, we decided to spend today with some amazing friends in our lives.

Sweet Jackson you are loved by so many put a smile on so many faces!

YOU are an amazing TWO year old!

 I had grand visions of getting amazing pictures of our toddler riding down the street in his new bike with balloons attached.

But...he is 2, and two year olds have their own ideas. Celebrating at 8 am was not one of them. So Jack wasn't as thrilled as we wanted him to be, but that's ok, once we got the gifts open he loved them and he eventually woke up and decided to join the party :) 

Here is video of him coming into his morning party...and his response to it was "no"...I had to not get my feelings hurt and just chalk it up to being a classic 2 year old moment:) ha

 We stopped to read all of our cards, thanks Papa, Marilyn & The King Family!

We are headed to toys-r-us tommorrow to pick up a basketball court! Slam dunk!

 The party was on his terms...there were to be "no loon" on his bike, so we obliged and took the balloons off!

I didn't get a good picture, but we scored in the pajama department! We so desperately needed pajamas and Papa King send us the cutest night nights! They went in the wash right away!

This was the best $13 spent, he loves this toy! If you want a good laugh go read the reviews on amazon! 

We made plans to head over to Discovery Green with our awesome neighbors,The Kozars and The Neath family. We headed out for Targets "Largest Sprinkler" event...and while the idea was pretty cool, it was really hot, there were long lines. So we all divided up (I didn't get any pictures of the Neath family, boo) and played around the park until it was our turn to go into the sprinkler. Of course by that time it was around noon and our boy was tuckered out. So Daddy kindly offered to hold him while they got sprinkled and watched the other kids play. We figured the boys would have the best time just playing where they like best...our houses. So we headed back to the Kozar pool (fancy eh?) and had lunch out back. The boys of course perked right up and loved it.

 We let one of his balloons go and Jack was following it the whole way....

...when he couldn't see it anymore he then said over and over again  "oh no, where-it-go" cute :)
After a long great nap, what a difference a nap makes!! We had a bright eyed, playful, sweet little boy in our hands and we headed over to The Grabow household for Burgers and Babes. The little babes played in the pool while the older babes cooked and hung out with two great husbands. I must say this was the original idea but my amazing friend Nicole did all the work!
We had such a great afternoon at their house and Jack was loving our new pool that we picked up!

 The Grabows were so sweet to get Jack a little firetruck, thanks guys!

 We just ate these raw, soooooo good!


Happy Birthday Jackson, we love you so much!!



Lili said...

happy birthday jackson! you are such a big boy now!

Carl&JulieFamilySite said...

Awwww! Happy birthday to Jackson! I love your vision of balloons floating behind him while he's vigorously riding him new trike down the street. "No loon!" LOL!!

And that sprinkler looks AWESOME!! How fun!!

Donna said...

Love your blog!
Happy birthday to your two year old!
I absolutely adore your color block tube dress. Do you mind sharing where you got it from? Thanks!

Donna said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog and the info abt the dress. We are from Atlanta. Love learning about Texas via your adventures!

Jane said...

Looks like you all had a jam packed, fun weekend!!! Happy Birthday Jackson! Can't believe how fast it goes by. I've got Jack's gift ordered, but it will come to me, then I will send it to other words, it may be a week or two! I'll let you know when to start expecting it :). xoxo