Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Family Dinner

 Every other Monday we have dinner with Kevins parents, and this past Monday was so nice because we also got to share it with Kevins Great Aunt Dorothy. We had a wonderful pot roast that was made by Grandma Gloria and it was followed with lots of fun in the backyard. We were all having so much fun that we didnt even realize it was 8 pm, so we let Jack stay up a little later for giving Grandpa a high five and playing a good game of football!

Look at how pretty my orchid is, the one that Kev got me for had just shed its last flower,
so this was perfect timing!



Jane said...

So sweet that you all have family dinners every week! Looks like a great way to end a Monday. I can't believe you can hold Jack up with arm like that! Hutch would break my arm, I can hardly hold him with two :). Can't believe our boys are about to be two?!?! Where did the last two years go?

e8ght888 said...

We are family...
Get up ev'rybody and sing!
Another great evening with Jack, The Entertainer! We love Family Nights!