Sunday, April 10, 2011

Kemah Boardwalk

Kevin has been super busy with work, but this morning I demanded that we all get in the car and go to Kemah for a few hours! :) So that is just what we did, and although Jack was at times a little bit grumpy (4 teefers coming in) we still had a pretty good morning! There is so much to do there....but we mainly walked around the boardwalk soaking in the gorgeous spring weather!

 We kept telling Jack to wave ...but this sweet boy gives kisses, ha! Such a ladies man!

 He was saying "baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" to the sheep

 We packed his swim diaper because I knew there would be a water area to run around in. Since we got there so early there were not that many kids there (perfect) but Jack wasn't having it. He wanted to be right next to his Daddy and was content just watching the other little boy :)
 Poor little guy has 4 teeth coming in, so he wants to be cuddled and held a lot, which is fine by me!! And yes I've already broken the no white before Easter rule, I couldn't take it any longer :)
.... but then we spotted a playground and that got him excited!

After all that running around we sat down for lunch with the perfect view for us...
 ...and the perfect view for Jack
 Look at all those catfish! Jack loved sharing his Cheerios :)
 We are back at home from a fun morning, Kevin is working, Jack is napping and I'm off to the gym. I love staying busy on the weekends!


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The Crazy Castros said...

I must admit sometimes I go on here just to see what outfit Jackson is wearing. You are soo stylish mama. He is adorable.