Sunday, April 17, 2011

EGGcellent Easter Egg Hunt

 My two amazing neighbors and myself hosted an Easter Egg Hunt this afternoon. It was such a huge success and a beautiful day for it! We roped our yards and spent long nights over Friday and Saturday after our boys went to bed putting it all together. But it was all worth it, as it was one of the best parties I have hosted. Jackson loved every minute of it, he was so involved this year hunting amongst the 250+ eggs we had on hand. Here are some pictures of our wonderful hunt.

My boys and I enjoying our perfect Sunday!

 Our houses roped off and ready for the kiddos!

 Front and Back yard full of people, we had so many kids - it was awesome!

Jack checking out all his eggs that he collected!

 Kevin got me! Stinker!

 Grandma Strehlow helping Jack check out all his eggs.

My partner in crafting - my next door neighbor Debbie
 The best little hosts, neighborhood besties



Momma Wilson said...

how fun, you got some great pics!

cMe said...

Jess! Everything looks so perfect and fun! I'm sorry I had to miss it (although lunch at Rainbow Lodge was gooood!). I'll be right there with you next year though. = )

Lea Liz said...

What a fun idea!!!!!! I love all of the decorations, great job!!! Your little guy looks adorable, love his outfit! You look beautiful mama, love your dress!!!!

Meet the Brummett's said...

What a fun day! Love all the decorations and little details, great job!