Thursday, March 10, 2011

Tee time!

 Gma & Gpa Strehlow got Jack this T-ball set for Christmas but we had not opened it until now. The weather is so nice and his fine motor skills are doing so well that we decided to pull it out of the box. On Thursday Mimi comes over for swim class and she stayed over a little to play outside with Jackson and Nelvi. It happen to be my lunch, so I enjoyed watching him play a little ball!

Like any little boy you quickly find something else to do while out in the field... this little boy found that stomping on little flowers would be a nice distraction...

But I told him pretty flowers go to pretty Mimi's !!
The next distraction was playing in the rocks and trying to see the neighbor dog through the times!

All this running around, ball hitting, flower stomping and rock playing ...will wear you out! It sure did this little one...nap time anyone?

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xoxo-Kristen said...

i know you like hate me. there has been an issue with your purse, it is lost, they refunded my money at the post office Thank goodness for insurance, i will go purchase a new one on monday and get that sent out to you. im very sorry about teh delay! :))))