Sunday, March 13, 2011

Rock out Cancer

 On Saturday we loaded up the car and headed over to Jack's first charity event. Our friend Carrie has a sweet 12 year old daughter who decided she wanted to raise money and "Rock Out Cancer" with the help of her parents and a few great bands she did just that at Last Concert Cafe.

We got there just in time to see Tom's Fun Band, which is just that so FUN! 
They did songs about trains, turtles, and anything else kids love. 
The band had Jack dancing up and down! 

That's Jack up at the stage making a song request...ha!

Also so much fun to meet up with Elizabeth and the babies!Our boys were just hanging out in our laps, because we let them have suckers! Jacks first one, and he was in love. 
It was a special treat and a rare treat it shall stay!

He loved the mardi gras beads!

Thank you Isabel for hosting such a wonderful event, you are one awesome 12 year old!


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Roger and Nicky said...

What a great cause !!! Love the group picture.....Jess you look beautiful :)