Friday, March 18, 2011

Big Lemons

 Our adorable neighbor Caroline set up a lemonade stand out front and we of course had to go pay a visit.
I only had a $20 and I couldn't imagine asking her for the looks of these pictures those were some good lemons, so we didn't mind :)

 Jack wasn't really sure how to drink from a big cup...
                                          But he quickly figured it out...
 ...he also learned that walking and drinking was a hard task that led to spilling lots of lemonade... good thing we had second glass of it!
                                                                    So tasty!  
 Lemonade rimmed with cookie crumbs, perfect afternoon snack!



Kelly@Kelly's Avenue said...

He is JUST too cute!!!!

Kelly@Kelly's Avenue said...

P.S that lemonade stand is too cute

Anonymous said...

Jack is adorable! Reminds me of my daycare kids and how they experience "new" things.

Carla Aldrich