Friday, March 18, 2011

1 , 2, 3

We are starting to learn our numbers and this is Jacks favorite new thing...having us count things :)  

He has found that on his cash register there are numbers...and pushes them over and over and over again! Practice makes perfect I guess :)

If you have a ball popper you know that anything BUT the regular balls go in it, we find all sorts of items in the ball popper. But this morning we counted all our balls ...all 10 of them!
 We counted the squirrels that taunt the dogs each morning...

 When Nelvi got here he practiced showing our numbers... notice Nelvi has two fingers up and Jack has two fingers up as well...just on different hands. He hasn't quite mastered putting up two fingers on the same hand...ha!
                                           abc, 123, baby, you and me! 

                              He is cute, smart and fun! I think we have one heck of a catch! :)


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Kelly@Kelly's Avenue said...

The picture of him and the dog is too priceless. you should have that one frame.