Thursday, January 6, 2011

18 months?

Sometimes I'm the cutest little toot...

I love to touch everything...but I'm pretty gentle
 ...Mommy still hasn't cut my locks
 ...I have the cutest faces and I love to tell you No
 ... STICKS! I love sticks! wooden ones, plastic ones, it doesn't matter, I'm a boy and I love STICKS!
 ..Lovie is still my #1 squeeze
 ...and my jeans are still too long for me..
 ... I love to play with my Daddy
 ..but I love my Mommy too

Where has 18 months gone? Wow... is it time for #2? Don't get too excited just yet. But we are at least "talking" about it :)



Jane said...

He is getting so big, and is so handsome!!! I guess you saw I cut Hutch's hair :( it was so sad, I want it to grow back. He looks way too old!! Another one in the works, huh? It's time :).

Carl&JulieFamilySite said...

Love the little man outfit!!! He's sooooo cute! I love the looks.

#2, wheeeeeee!!!

AND DON'T CUT THE LOCKS!! They don't grow back!!! Boooooo!!!