Saturday, December 11, 2010

Lights in the Heights

We found out about an event hosted in the Heights of Houston, which is a historic home district with adorable cottages and huge Victorian mansions. Once a year during the holidays the streets are taken over by Houstonians while the people whom live on the street adorn their homes with beautiful Christmas lights, carolers, bands and other cool treats!

 Kinda scary looking Gingerbread Man, but Jack didn't seem to mind :)
 I loved this house, so pretty!

 You just take your choice of transportation (no cars) it foot, golf cart, stroller or a baby car...and stroll up and down the streets. They sell food,drinks, have a large stage for bands, but really its just soooo much fun to people watch and look at the beautiful houses!

I loved how lots of the houses had a band or Christmas music, this house had Carolers

 Jack was saying  "Wow"
 You might be able to see a little someone in this picture, he just loved all the balls, and kept saying it over and over again! ha

  I only wish we had known about this sooner as we just heard about it 1 hour before it started. So we hopped in the car after Wesley's birthday party and drove on over! I think it would have been so fun to have our family come next year we will make sure we are all decked out!



the clark family. said...

I wish I'd known, too!!
My friend lives in the heights and was all excited about it this afternoon, and I didn't recognize what she was talking about until too late.
Maybe next year?

Carl&JulieFamilySite said...

HOW FUN!!! I love how people are in costume and that there are lights on strollers!! Wish they had something like that around here!!

Lili said...

i missed this!

Roger and Nicky said...

Super cute !!! It sounds like a perfect item to add to your Christmas Season family traditions. I love that Jack was not afraid of the Gingerbread Man, my kids would have ran screaming.