Sunday, December 12, 2010

Chucky Who??

Oh my... we went... to Chucky Cheese. Now don't get me wrong, I went when I was little and had the best time of my life no doubt.... But there was something about it now that I'm an adult that I wanted to keep Jack away from. Maybe it was because I was afraid of snot nosed, wild, misbehaved kids..I'm certain that is the reason. But like most things I said when I was pregnant "I will never do this or that", have really gone out the window. You do whats best for your kid and we all end up with snot nosed kids that run wild from time to time :)
Jack was miserable with his hat, gloves, sweater and jacket this morning at the park. We lasted about 15 minutes before we both were wind chilled. So I decided we were just going to drive around and find any store that was open on a Sunday morning to walk around in. I pulled into a shopping center that had Chucky Cheese, intending to go to Micheal's Craft store, but I decided to drive by CC and see if at 9: 30 am it would be open...and it was. I looked around and there were very few cars, so I got Jack out and took my chances. Well I was pleasantly surprised that when we walked in they stamped in fluorescent ink your hand and the kids hand, so that you had to match on your way out! I also saw an employee wiping the rides and there were maybe 6 kids in the entire place. I started talking with a West U Mom and she said that it's a little secret on Sunday if you come early there is hardly anyone there. Now sigh... we all know the reason why, probably at church. (We should be there too). But Jack and I had so much fun! We got to play games and had a blast for just $5 bucks! Jack loved skeet ball. He would hand the balls to me so that I could toss down the lane, which I'm very rusty on this game. I was getting gutter or 1000, with the occasional 5000 shot which I got more excited than any kid in sight. We took a few pictures in photo games and when we left it was 11 am! Wow! I guess Chuck has a new friend named Jack, we shall be back...BUT only on our secret morning date :)

Jackson the Firefighter

Mommy after having a Peppermint Starbucks Hot Chocolate ha! Someone is wide awake :)



Roger and Nicky said...

Yay!!! you've figured out the secret. It isnt so bad early on and during the week when everyone is in school. Cheers to the First Strehlow Chuck E Cheese visit !!!

Carl&JulieFamilySite said...

I can't stand Chuck E Cheese! But then again, I've never been early in the morning when it wasn't crowded.

Love the firefighter card!! Maybe I'd brave the place again just for that.