Monday, November 22, 2010

Small World

On Sunday after Jackson's nap I took him to Huffington Park in West U. This is a little pocket park designed for toddlers, its a true gem! Being that its low to the ground, Jack can pretty much navigate by himself without me watching his every step.

We were there amongst other sweet kids Jacks age..and having a great time. The weather was amazing and everyone was so friendly. I started talking with a Mom and she asked how old Jack was, I told her he was 16 months almost turning 17 months. She was amazed at his height and thought he was more along the lines of a 2 year old... I told her that yep we get that a lot, he is a tall kiddo! I then asked her the same question about her son, she responded that he would be turning 17 months on the 25th! OMG that's Jacks birthday too! She laughed saying ahhh you have the same story as us, "your baby was born on the day Michael Jackson passed away." Then a few minutes later she asked me where I delivered.. to which I responded St. Luke's and told her that I had a planned c-section. She looked at me and said... this is just too funny.. I did too! We basically figured out that she had the first c-section of the day and we had the 2nd c-section.
Jack and Kyle were just about 2 hours apart!
I so wish I had my camera with me, how neat it would have been to take a picture of those two.
In this big Houston city, I was able to meet the boy who was born just before Jack. I think that's such a cool story! We hope to see them again soon at the park!


Momma Wilson said...

how crazy is that?!? And that park sounds amazing!

Lili said...

wow - what are the odds!?! thats cool!

Jane said...

Wow, what are the chances?!?!

Carl&JulieFamilySite said...

I CANNOT BELIEVE THAT!!! HOW AMAZING!! Did you buy a lotto ticket that day?!