Monday, November 22, 2010

Little Helper

Look at our little BIG helper! Nelvi put the ornaments on the tree this afternoon with Jack. I didn't even realize that most of our ornaments for the tree are non breakable, perfect! He kept saying "ball" over and over again when he put them to the tree. Bless his heart he couldn't figure out how to attach them to the tree and he would get frustrated and stomp his right foot!

 When they got one on the tree he clapped his hands and moved his feet really fast! I so need to get the flip video, our video camera is on its last leg and wont hold a charge :(  I will be looking on black Friday so I have it ready for Christmas morning!

 Good job Jack! Now leave them on the tree.. you can touch but don't take them off, ok? :)


1 comment:

Mama K said...

Your tree is beautiful!! Love the pictures! And I would highly recommend the flip!! Definitely comes in handy :)