Saturday, May 15, 2010

Friday's Best

On Friday we went through Jackson's closet and I noticed he had not yet worn this sweet Feltman Brothers outfit... so we decided to put it on and trot around in our best duds.

He is quite busy these days....check out our day on Friday.

We started outdoors to enjoy the sunshine!

We came in and he started to push around his Melissa & Doug mobile - he is doing so well holding on and walking!He took a break for a snack...yes he is all boy! Close that mouth young man!He then wandered over to one of the many tables that still has "no no don't touch" items on it... look at that face!?!? Is that not a Jessica face or what? At this point I'm telling him no and he decided to keep touching it and looking at me!
After that he crawled over to the TV, this is his favorite thing to do these days... Push the on/off button to the cable. He looks up to watch the TV go on/off. He know which button exactly does the trick!
He is such a smart little toot, isn't he?



April said...

Conner was and still is fascinated by electronics! Forget Toys R Us....Best Buy is where he wanted to go!

Carl&JulieFamilySite said...

Hilarious "Jessica face" he's making! And it's only the beginning. That M&D walker is the best because it has rubberized wheels and won't slip out from underneath him. Plus, it's so cute! But not nearly as cute as that buttoned train outfit. CUTIE PATOOTIE!