Thursday, October 15, 2009

Sweet Sarah!

Our dear friend Sarah has been quite the busy lady lately. Her sister had triplets just a few weeks ago! I can not even imagine, but I will say these sweet sweet little lads (2) + the lady are just tooooo precious! Somehow Sarah found the time to shop for our little king and how appropriate on what she found....he IS the King of a lot of things. King of poop, King of smiles and even born on the day that the King of Pop passed away. ...oh and not to mention how fitting since that's my maiden name. I know my Dad will be proud to see him sporting this around!
She also picked up the coolest book! Jack loves for me to read books to him, he is starting to grab a little more each time and soon he will be turning those pages! This soft book is made out of fabric and we can not wait to read it to him. I think it will be on our weekend rotation for Saturday :)

Thank you so much Sarah and Ty for taking time out of your busy day to think of our sweet son.
We look forward to yalls wedding and meeting those triplets very soon!

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Roger and Nicky said...

What a sweet friend. The onsie is TOO CUTE and very fitting.

I love Story Time and soft books. :) Good job Mommy and Daddy on reading to him every night !!!